COVID-19 Protocols

Tranquility and comfort are key for any successful holiday. With this in mind, we are proud to share with you the safety measures that are present in all of our expedition boats. Passengers can also request these details at any time, and our office and field staff are always ready to clear any doubts. Our aim is to offer an unforgettable and carefree time aboard!


Also, the government and airports have set in place additional safety protocols that are constantly evolving. We invite you to get in touch with us for any up-to-date information you require.


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As per current regulations, both passengers and boat staff will have to take a COVID-19 PCR test up to 96 hours before boarding or entering the Galapagos National Park and show a negative result. Also, while it is not mandatory, we recommend having medical and travel insurance.


All transportation will take place on vehicles and watercraft that have been thoroughly cleaned, had their maximum passenger capacity reduced, and the places assigned for seating marked, in order to maximize the comfort and safety of all passengers. The luggage will also be disinfected upon arrival and before boarding the boat.


We have set in place disinfection procedures that will take place when arriving at the boat, and there will also be hand sanitizer dispensers available at the entrance of and on the common areas.


Upon arrival, all passengers will be given a personal kit that has been thoroughly disinfected with the gear they will use in the activities like snorkeling and diving (wetsuit, mask, snorkel, etc.)


Activities like meals, briefings, or social events will take place in areas that have had the furniture (like tables, chairs, or deck chairs) redistributed to support physical distancing. Additionally, we will set schedules and divide the passengers into two groups, in order to not crowd the areas chosen for these activities. This will make sure there is enough space for all passengers to be safe while also being comfortable.


Regarding the food, we will avoid buffet-style meals and aim for à la carte. In case it is not feasible, the kitchen staff, using adequate protective equipment, will take care of serving the passengers' meal and of any requirements they might have. Also, passengers should let the staff know if they would like to have any additional dishes or utensils.


We have included hand sanitizer, face masks, and a spray bottle of alcohol per passenger in the cabin amenities. Passengers are free to use them in activities, and to disinfect their luggage and gear!

We have digital copies of any document or information the passengers might require, so there is no need to have them printed and handed over.


There is constant and good ventilation of the boat, keeping the environment fresh and safe. Additionally, all cabins have split-type air conditioning units, keeping cool air flowing in the safest way.


All areas of the boat will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected daily and after each occupancy, and the common areas and surfaces that are touched often will be so with increased frequency.

Every two days, the guide will record the passenger's temperature and symptoms. We also encourage all passengers to let their guide know if they are not feeling well or if there is any unease. The crew will be monitored in a similar way.

The staff will use masks and gloves at all times and have been properly trained in the best practices and procedures of biosecurity.


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